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Meet Gail Baines

My husband says I have a super sniffer, which isn’t ALWAYS a good thing!

I have always been in love with good smelling smells. I had a huge collection of perfume, lots and lots of hair and body products and all the things to make everything smell good. I was kind of known for how good my laundry always smelled and that’s because I used liquid fabric softener AND dryer sheets. I was IN LOVE with a particular line of products from one of those body and bath stuff places and had every form of it. Dish soap, lotion, room spray, hand soap, Reed diffusers and plug ins in EVERY AVAILABLE OUTLET! I was obsessed! I even might have used the room spray for perfume 😳

So, after years and years of all these toxins in my nose, on my skin through products or absorption from my clothes, I then decided to become a hairdresser. I had just left my job of 20 years as an administrative assistant at a long term care home (where I was exposed to many other toxic cleaning products , bathroom sprays etc) and hairdressing was going to be my fun, retirement job. I loved it! I had a little salon set up in my house and got to make women feel good every day which made ME feel good! And let’s not forget all the smells!! So good! Each product smelled better than the last and I had them all!

One day, I started to notice every time I drank red wine, I got stuffed up. I realized I had probably developed a sensitivity to it but I LOVE red wine so kept “testing” to see if it kept happening. Surely, it was just a weird coincidence! Please be a coincidence!!

Then one day I woke up with a prickly, itchy & painful rash. It started across my chest, then moved to my wrists and inner elbows, then my forearms and hands and eventually the back of my neck. I was miserable. It was so itchy! But it hurt too! Even wearing gloves doing hair, for everything, even shampooing etc, my hands would burn and be so red. Scratching constantly is NOT very attractive! I would wake up in the morning and my hands would be bleeding from scratching in my sleep.

I finally went to see a doctor. Then another. Then another. 6 doctors in total between my family doctor to emergency physicians to dermatologist and was given everything from creams, to prednisone to iv antibiotics. Finally, I got to an allergist! I was tested for 70 chemicals and was sensitive/allergic to 7. The worst being a chemical in all hair products. So, that ended my hairdressing career. I was really sad.

Once I got the results from the allergy tests, I knew things had to change. I think my system was barely keeping on top of my toxic overload, and becoming a hairdresser and adding all those chemicals on top pushed me over the edge.

I made some big changes. I literally threw away all my perfume and makeup. I donated all my cleaning products to the local women’s center. My new criteria for cleaning and personal products was, if I wouldn’t ingest it, I won’t breathe it in or apply it to my body. Fortunately, a good friend introduced me to a company that had everything I needed, to replace all the things I had just thrown out, and it was all NON TOXIC. It feels so good knowing that it won’t harm me, my grand babies and my pets because i know the company and their unwavering commitment to be chemical free.

I am now clear of my skin issues, with the exception of an occasional flare up on my ring finger. I have a sensitivity to gold too, so that’s probably why. I may need to upgrade my wedding ring to platinum haha!

I am now passionate about making my own perfume and I absolutely love gifting roller bottles and seeing what yummy combos I can come up with. The other thing I am passionate about is helping people solve problems. I love that so many people trust me with everything from wellness issues, how to make a chemical free tub scrub or where to get the best deal on flooring.

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